Testimonials From Actual Clients

I have arthritis in my right knee from a fall over a decade ago and I was supposed to go to get knee surgery. A friend of mine recommend using CBD Oil and Balm on my knee, I was skeptic about CBD, but I didn’t want to get a knee replacement. So I gave it a shot and within one month the pain stopped. I still have pain from time to time and when I do I use the balm that soothes the pain. I’m grateful that I didn’t have surgery back then.


Steve F

Harry hemp CBD oil is a very real and no gimmick product that has helped me manage stress during  Covid 19 times and manage my constant pain from spinal stenosis and multiple other spine and back issues. I am able to sleep better without taking the flexeril and other prescribed pain medications which leave me groggy and not feeling well the next morning. Using CBD oil is a natural non addictive way of pain management. The plus side is a good night sleep !  They taste great and have just been my “miracle”. I would recommend this product to anyone who wants a natural pain reliever.  Not having the THC allows me to use at work , no feeling “High” just pain free! I give this yummy tasting product a 5 out of 5 stars! 


Diana Rogers