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The Holidays are Upon Us

Well, 2020 is almost behind us. It has been a crazy year with the Covid-19 Pandemic and the election. Congrats to the new president and vice-president. It also has been a bad year for small businesses around the country and the world. Many people became homeless and had to move in with relatives, homeless shelters and other places that I dare not mention. However, the first roll out of the Covid-19 vaccine arrived to the elderly and first responders who are on the front lines saving lives at the hospitals. I too was a Covid-19 survivor back in the spring, so I totally understand what people are going through.

We at Harry’s Hemp Shop support our first responders by saying thank you so much for being on the front line. We have lost 300,000 since the beginning of the year and around 18.5 million infected. The front-line workers have put their patient’s lives first only to get infected themselves. Many have died, so that others can live. Nearly everyone in my family got infected with Covid-19 and if it wasn’t for the quick response from the first responders, I don’t think my 85-year-old father would be here now.

May you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Please stay home this holiday season follow the guidelines when it comes to wearing masks and to social distance.

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